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Our Story

We at Leicester Biketec are here to give you bikers female and male alike that that you so rightfully deserve. [THE BEST] in this special world of ours. We love our bikes we love your bikes!.
I set Biketec up in 2005 after years of messing around in Germany as a solider and as a civvy with bikes as will some of my old solider mates will know. I felt I had to do something here in Leicester as I had been badly treated by a few motorcycle shops here in town either by after sales on my new bike or by attitude that made me feel like i was on the bottom of there shoe. So i decided i had to do something as I am bloody well sure I was not the first to be treated this way and would not be the last.
I set the workshop up in May of 2005 with two carry tool boxes two benches and a couple of lift ramps.Today we are what we are for those of you that have been through our doors and have either experienced mardy arse Mickey b4 ten oclock or chatterbox Dennis and his old wise wisdom and knowledge. May I add at this point that I have too thank Dennis for his knowledge which way way out does mine by far but has also been a bloody good influence and mentor and helped bring the business forward. I took the opportunity and was offered the chance to go and teach this business in Stephenson college for 2 years and gain my NVQ teaching qualification- wow me teach lol. Anyway 6 years of hard work and sometimes hard times especially when I first opened the doors has or is paid off and today I still strive to to make sure I and my staff give you nothing but the best.
If we drop a bollock I want to know about it nothing pisses me off more than folk going else and ripping the shit out of us I WANT TO KNOW THE PROBLEM AND THE CHANCE TO RECTIFY IT AT NO COST TO YOU . I thinks that is fair to us and more so you the customer because you have paid good money out so i want that you get the value you rightly deserve. Run by Bikers for Bikers.

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