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At Biketec we will offer you that little bit extra that the Main dealerships and other workshops tend to forget.
Our main line of business is workshop oriented, so we can concentrate solely on the job in hand and that’s your bike. Each one of us has our own area of expertise and will quite happily answer your questions when asked.
There’s no hidden secrets in our workshop its an open door for you to come through and see what we are about.
Our workshop is clean tidy and pleasant to be in as this reflects on our workmanship on your pride and joy. [Untidy work place, untidy workmanship.] Not in my life time.
All of our services are based on an hourly rate be it a scooter or a motorcycle plus the parts required at the time of the service that you require, we wont dictate to you what your Scooter/Motorcycle requires we will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly. That way we know you will be happy with the way we sort out your pride and joy.
At Biketec we use only the best service equipment and we will use original parts if needed, but these do tend to be a little bit more expensive and so we will try and avoid if possible. At the end of the day its your money and what gives us the right to spend it unnecessarily. Having said that we only use top quality after market parts that we have tried and tested over a number of years.
We keep 99% of service kits on the shelf at any given time. It is even there for you, the handy man who prefers to do it his/her self.
I will also let you have an up to date service schedule for you model motorcycle if requested again should you wish to do your own maintenance.
I would like you to think that we at Biketec are your friends and therefore our approach to you will be that little more special, we also know that we at Biketec are not perfect and do sometimes get it wrong, but given that one chance we will put it right and at no cost to you unless it is to be found that it was not a fault of Biketec and only then you will pay only for the parts required and not the labour.
Questions are there to be asked so please don’t be shy ask away at any time.
Biketecs policy is, no biker be it him or her comes through our doors and is seen as a big fat wallet. You are bikers as are we therefore you will be treated with respect and in a appropriate manner as we would wish to be treated should we have ever needed to go somewhere with our pride and joy.
Biketec Run by Bikers For Bikers...

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